12 pages of Pak Fok Calendar   12張百福通勝掛曆  

Mini Fak Fok Calendar with magnetic 磁力迷你小百福 

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  <M3> 三星拱照                     <M1>生肖賀蛇年
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                                              <M4>數碼新紀元                   <M2>十全十美                                                     
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                                              <M5>百福圖               <M1>迷你福賀年咭(配粉紅信封)                                         


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            <百福封>                                <百福月曆手挽袋>                    <百福手挽膠袋>



SIZE     3 1/4" X 3 1/2"

廣告位              ADVERTISMENT

SIZE     2 7/8" X 1/2"

釘裝  WIRE-O

月曆背貼有磁力膠,有磁石功能,可貼於鐵面上印有香港及中國公眾假期 (With Hong Kong & China Public Holidays.)

百福掛曆呎吋 PAK FOK CALENDAR SIZE    14 5/8"   X 13 1/4 "
廣告位              ADVERTISMENT SIZE      2 1/2"  X 13"
釘裝 WIRE-O 通勝月曆
印有香港及中國公眾假期 (With Hong Kong & China Public Holidays.)


we have  so many different style of calendar. if you have some question .

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calendar in this web are for reference only. all subject to original sample  



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