月曆是一個理想市場宣傳的良品,它不但有實際的用途,還可以將貴戶聯絡資料或推廣訊息 一起傳送給客戶


                                                Dear Customer :

                                                Calendar are "Ideal Marketing Promotion Instrument ". They are useful for your customer who will constantly reference them

                                                and they're great for you beacause your name ,contact detail will be omnipresent.


                                                Desk Calendar
                                         7& 13 PAGE DESK CALENDAR     
                                                Pak Fok Calendar & Mini Calendar
                                         12 PAGES PAK FOK WALL CALENAR &
                                         MINI PAK FOK WITH MAGNETIC
                                                Wallscoll Calendar
                                         CHINA'S WALLSCOLL
                                                Vip Card & Calendar Card & Mouse Pad 
                                         CALENDAR CARD YOU CAN CHOOSE
                                         & NEW MOUSE PAD WITH CALENDAR
                                                Dairy Book & Organiser & Table Planner 
                                         HAVE OVERSEA & H.K. EDITION


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